Clash of Clans – March Update

Greetings once more, Chief!

On the off chance that you loved what you found in yesterday’s review of what’s coming in the Spring 2018 Update, here are some more goodies of what else is in store for you.

P.E.K.K.A Balancing

  • Level 4 is currently accessible at Town Hall 9 rather than Town Hall 10
  • Level 6 is currently accessible at Town Hall 10 rather than Town Hall 11 (costs 8.5 million Elixir rather than 10 million)
  • Level 7 is accessible at Town Hall 11 (redesign times have been balanced/decreased so the Level 7 overhaul is currently 14 days)
  • Inferno Tower Balancing
  • Multi-mode harm has been expanded:
    – Level 3: from 41 to 45
    – Level 4: from 50 to 53
    – Level 5: from 57 to 63
  • Single-mode harm has been adjusted to build the time it takes to achieve greatest harm, from 4.25 seconds to 5.25 seconds.
  • Wizard Tower
  • Wizard Tower level 9 harm has been diminished from 56 to 54
  • New Trap Levels
  • Skeleton Trap level 4
  • Monster Bomb level 5
  • Bomb level 7
  • Air Bomb level 5
  • Dividers
  • Town Hall 11: All level 11 dividers would now be able to be moved up to level 12


  • The Barbarian King’s Iron Fist capacity will just influence the Barbarians he brings forth
  • Multi-mortar outfit is accessible to overhaul a solitary Mortar at TH10

Presenting: the Trader!

The Trader is a voyaging dealer who, beginning at Town Hall 8, will visit your Village to sell his extraordinary products. Setting shop on the opposite side of the Clan way, opposite the Clan Games carriage, the Trader will have 3 extraordinary arrangements for you every day. Maybe you’d get a kick out of the chance to procure a Magic Item or other uncommon and irregular oddities? The Trader may simply have what you’re searching for.

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